Risquons-Tout presents some of the most innovative and influential artists and authors of today, negotiating different dynamics of bridging, passing, translating and transgressing. This catalogue and the exhibition it accompanies, examine how art challenges the homogenisation of thought in the now infamous echo chambers of our overcrowded infosphere. Risquons-Tout delves into creative practices that burst the safe bubbles generated by prediction algorithms designed to avoid any risk, whether intellectual, financial, emotional or physical. Its geographic and political scope addresses today’s global connectivity, transnational circulation and diasporic movements.

Atelier Olivier Lamy

Atelier Olivier Lamy
Rue de Serbie 60
B-1190 Brussels, Belgium​
T +32 2 648 60 03
M +32 496 28 48 64

Atelier Olivier Lamy is a graphic design studio, established in 2003. We mainly work in the fields of fine art, architecture, design and fashion with a special interest for book design, art direction and more generally in editorial design.